Technic Year 2004

For the Technic year 2004 we
create and produce a complete interior design that resembles
a circuit board. We also provide and edit the content for the screens upon consultation with bmfb.

The modular installation is adapted to 5 different locations
in Germany during the year.
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2004-02 avience website bmw worldwide
2004-01 Technic Year 2004 Installation MEDIA CONSULTA BERLIN
2003-11 grand opening flash animation mini international munich
2003-05 slot cars cctv Installation visomat inc. berlin
2003-01 Montage, De- short film visomat inc. berlin
2002-10 los logos Publication die gestalten worldwide
2002-09 bewegte bilder video dag berlin
2001-10 asciivision installation ZKM Karlsruhe